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Limitation Demo

  • The project is not saved. The current project will be deleted when you close GUI Machine.
  • The templates are not saved. You can create and use template, but after closing GUI Machine, templates will be deleted.
  • Using watermark on the stored images.


Available versions (direct links to downloading):

GUI Machine Demo for Windows 1.5.8 41.0 МБ
GUI Machine Demo for Windows (x64) 1.5.8 41.5 МБ
GUI Machine Demo for Unix 1.5.8 44.1 МБ
GUI Machine Demo for Unix (x64) 1.5.8 42.6 МБ
GUI Machine Demo for Mac OS 1.5.8 24.9 МБ

System requirements: GUI Machine is cross-platform with supporting JDK 6 Update 20 and above*
The latest version of JDK is included in the installation package (except for assembly Mac OS) to avoid inconsistencies JDK versions and more stable application.

Demo version without limitation!

For getting Demo version without limitation at one month, you may send request at the email

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Attention : Getting Demo version without limitation is possible only once!

List of changes

  • Visual changes
  • Functional changes
  • Correction of errors

Manuals and instructions

User manual for GUI Machine (in English)

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